True Bearing Diagnostics, Inc.

True Bearing Diagnostics has developed TruNAV, a novel blood RNA-based diagnostic test designed for the early detection of infections.

  • TruNAV works by measuring specific RNA transcripts in whole blood that are associated with activation of the human immune system.
  • TruNAV RNA transcripts are highly sensitive to Neutrophil ActiVation by any pathogen, and are unique in their ability to detect biofilm infections that cause appendicitis and other conditions.
  • TruNAV will be entering a multi-center clinical trial to validate its utility in diagnosing the presence of internal infections in patients with abdominal pain.
  • Furthermore, TruNAV should be useful in future pandemics, like COVID19, because it can detect the presence of a pathogen even before it is fully identified, sequenced, and testable.