True Bearing Diagnostics, Inc.

Our Lead Product

TruNAV is a novel blood RNA-based diagnostic
test designed for the early detection of pandemics such as COVID19.  TruNAV is
based on the selective capture of immune cells and detecting RNA transcripts that
are highly sensitive to Neutrophil ActiVation by any pathogen, making it an ideal
test for the early detection of infections.

     TruCAD is a “liquid
angiogram” that senses immune imbalances in blood with great accuracy.  TruCAD
is the first in a collection of comprehensive RNA-based diagnostics to guide
precision care.  Cardiovascular disease is the largest healthcare market in
the US, especially coronary artery disease (CAD), but it is largely neglected by
genomic advances.  There are more than 600,000 deaths a year from
cardiovascular diseases in the U.S., costing more than $500 billion in total annual

Our Company

     True Bearing has
diagnostic biomarker panels for cardiovascular disease, appendicitis, and
pneumonia/respiratory infections. With unique technology for biomarker discovery,
True Bearing can address the enormous market for precision personalized human
disease diagnostics and identify new drug targets. These biomarker panels were
developed in The Division of Genomic Medicine at The George Washington University
by Dr. Tim McCaffrey, in close collaboration with clinical

The discovery process used the latest single molecule RNA
sequencing techniques, resulting in tests are that are accurate and cost